If you knew Susie….

If you knew Susie….

So yes! The good Lord’s laughter means He knows something I don’t. He knows Susie Alexander-Newman, LMT of Tullahoma On-Site Bodywork and Massage.

While I was resisting changes to my business plan, Susie was planning for her business’ future. Susie has built a respectable, well-established massage practice with a loyal clientele of more than 20 years AND which has launched the practices of several local massage therapists. Think of it: Susie thrives while effectively creating her own competition. This is an individual worth knowing.

We met once while I was still taking classes. I thought it would be for 20 minutes or so. We ended up chatting for an hour and a half.

Later, she offered advice as I described my aspirations for a mobile practice, which got me thinking how I’d like to keep a friendship with her. And then the mobile massage plan was forced to evolve.

To both of our advantages, Susie has offered for me to operate my massage practice within her location, and is working as hard as I am to grow my own clientele. (She is possibly working harder as she knows more about running a business than I do since I was always in independent contractor in someone elses’ place.)

She is also inviting me to take part in her upcoming YoMassage sessions which, I think, are going to be very popular.

So my problems are truly solved through the generosity of a gentle healer and energetic lady of business who leads by giving. Thank you, Susie!

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