My numbers (are) up!

My numbers (are) up!

My massage license (LMT 13263, how kind of you to ask!) was approved in January and I’m ready to work.

So to celebrate, I’m making a real commitment to this community that I love. I’m changing – wait for it – my phone number! (insert shock and awe here)

You see, the name Mid-South Massage sounds wonderful. I really like it. It feels local. It feels homey. There’s just one problem: my phone number is from California. I mean, how can I have a business named Mid-South Massage with an 805 area code? Of course the answer is: I can’t.

So, as of February 2nd, 2020, the number to call or text will be 931.800.9301!!! Cool, huh?!

My next goal is to put your Client Intake Form online. This one could take a while, so please, wish me luck!

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