Cool changes

Cool changes

I’ve been told that if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Until now, I’ve been intent on building a mobile massage practice. I love the idea of providing massage in the client’s home or office, allowing the aah to last longer without the time and effort of driving right away. This model does hold a few snags, though, not the least of which are legitimate safety concerns.

Until yesterday. I had two appointments; one in the morning, one in the afternoon.

The first was a follow up appointment after surgery last month, in which my doctor suggested (snag) no heavy lifting for a year while connective tissue heals. Sigh. Massage table are heavy, even travel tables. Lifting one into and out of my car, carrying up sometimes very narrow stairways or over baby gates had been challenging before surgery. Now? I can ignore the doctor and pretend that everything will be okay while I bulldoze my way though, or I can change my business plan.

The second appointment may lead to the solution to all of my problems. One of the most respected business owners and massage therapists in Tullahoma has made me a tentative offer. If we’re as good a match as we believe, I will have a physical location that is beautiful for my clients, safe for me, and will allow me to heal and to grow my business.

It isn’t easy to let go of my original plan. I was very attached. But I think God’s laughter will lead to a happy alliance. I’ll keep you posted.

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